Don't replace my Links!

My Disc ran full so i moved the /usr/local/games to /home/games which was on a different drive.
ATM it is hot as hell in here, so I decided to play a game for the 1st time in month and found that my symlink was replaced by a empty folder.
So here is a feature I would love: Stop deleting or replacing my links!!!
It is annoying and not necessary and only more work for me.

Hello @Kessl

Your request is at least funny, as none of the files in your home directory, nor on other drives that contain your data are touched by any of Manjaro updates. Symlinks are not dynamic, so when YOU moved your files and folder, those symlinks need to be updated to point to the new location of the original files and folders.

See, i created a folder and a symlink to it, and then i moved that folder and it gets like this and is not functional anymore.



I never said that my files were touched, but the symlink /usr/local/games pointing to /home/games was deleted and replaced by an empty direcory. I am well aware that this is not my file, this topic is not solved, and I would really prefere if you had read the whole thing before you claim it is a funny joke.

Those are not your links; they are system-level links. As @bogdancovaciu said, an update will never touch your home directory. However, you replaced a system directory with a symlink, and when there is an update to the filesystem package, this will of course replace that link again with a directory, because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The proper course of action on your part would have been to use a dedicated mountpoint for /usr/local/games.


/usr/local/games is actually managed by the filesystem package: PKGBUILD · master · Packages / Core / filesystem · GitLab
I guess that package ensures the basic system folders are correctly in place. Which means you can’t replace those by symlinks pointing elsewhere, as that can lead to a breakage if that symlink were to break.

In order to work around this, you can either:

  • use symlinks on the folders within
  • use that folder as a mount point instead

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