Don't partially merge merge requests

You may remember this post I made on the old forum:

I listed 3 merge requests that needed to be merged for this feature to work correctly, but for some reason only 2 were merged. This led to the following issues, both happening today:

(There is no doubt in my mind that many MANY more users were affected by this)

Additionally, this incident leads to wildcards not working AT ALL.

I highly suggest merging and packaging the missing merge request ASAP to avoid these issues.


Pinging @philm as he did the merging.

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No reply or action yet? Come on guys, this is serious! If this gets into an ISO, it will prevent optimus laptops from booting with proprietary drivers!


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Hey guys, not cool! Serious issue, don’t ignore this!

Yet another user publicly having this issue, who knows how many people are affected by this without telling anyone:


I can look at this… seem not all are notified on gitlab…


Merged by @LordTermor. I’ll rebuild the package and upload it to unstable. If someone with suitable hardware can verify that the package works as expected, I can maybe expedite it to other branches too. @TotallyNotElite thank you for your contribution and sorry for the delay. We really appreciate your effort.