Dolphin (file manager) not working with stylus/pen

Hi everyone

I have installed Manjaro on my Convertible Thinkpad (X1 Yoga). The pen works great out of the box except if i use it in Dolphin.
The problem is that the pen input is registered about 5mm below where my pen tip actually is. So for example if i click on a certain file it actually selects the file below.
I have not found any solution, not even someone having the same problem.
I know that the Manjaro community is very helpful and now i hope someone here can help me with this problem :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

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Did you installed xf86-input-wacom package? You have to reboot after that.
Also, add this line to your .bash_profile


Hey thanks for taking your time!

I did not install xf86-input-wacom because i already have xf86-input-libinput and i think they would interfere with each other. Apart from Dolphin my pen works fine.
If you still think i should install xf86-input-wacom, should i first uninstall xf86-input-libinput? And is there anything else i should watch out for?

Where can i find .bash_profile?