Dolphin don't see system directory

in the new Mangiaro update ( i think ) , dolphin no longer has access to the root directory. My system , Manjaro KDE, is installed in a USB SSD ( the system see it as /dev/sdc ) and Dolphin see only sda and sdb, windows drives.
anyone have an idea? ( i can use mc but I don’t want to be forced into this …)

strange description

The system is on an USB SSD - and it is actually running.
Of course that drive will not be shown as a separate external drive.

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Block device names are unreliable on the long run, as they can change anytime you modify your storage connections (including through USB). As such, devices identified that way don’t reliably tell what they are.
Prefer using persistent names such as UUIDs.

Furthermore, if you are using Dolphin from within your installed system to spot that /dev/sdc is nowhere to see, this only confirms the behavior described above. If you had an issue accessing that drive, you wouldn’t be able to boot it to begin with.

On a side note, not seeing a directory is not the same as not accessing it: files and folders can be hidden, and access can be restricted even if visible.

My fstab is this

UUID=B0B9-1E2E                            /boot/efi      vfat    umask=0077 0 2
UUID=e667080a-577c-423d-9b5a-db2c78b6bb5c /              btrfs   subvol=/@,defaults,noatime,autodefrag,compress=zstd,discar>
UUID=e667080a-577c-423d-9b5a-db2c78b6bb5c /home          btrfs   subvol=/@home,defaults,noatime,autodefrag,compress=zstd,di>
UUID=e667080a-577c-423d-9b5a-db2c78b6bb5c /var/cache     btrfs   subvol=/@cache,defaults,noatime,autodefrag,compress=zstd,d>
UUID=e667080a-577c-423d-9b5a-db2c78b6bb5c /var/log       btrfs   subvol=/@log,defaults,noatime,autodefrag,compress=zstd,dis>
tmpfs                                     /tmp           tmpfs   defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0

and the devices are identified with UUIDs

What you are saying seems to be:
you cannot, using dolphin, go to the “Devices” entry on the left
and cannot choose your device and access /etc or /mnt or /usr … for instance?
Because: that is your / directory …

I can access the entire file system via terminal, but the “File system” entry is not present in the left panel ( “devices”) of dolphin, while there are other items, which refer to three partitions in two internal hard disks , which the system indicates with sda1, sda2 and sdb1

Wouldn’t you have hidden the entry?
There is right-click menu in the side panel for showing all panel entries.

I don’t usually use Dolphin - I just installed it to see what you would (presumably) see.

Apart from the left side panel, there is another way to change directories, to go up the hierarchy.
That is the little arrow in the … title bar, where the back and forward arrows are, and the other symbols.
The little arrow in front of the directory name you are currently in.
Click on that - not right click - just a normal click
and a context style menu opens, like a directory tree view, with the / directory on top.

I use mc all the time, much prefer it to the graphical file managers
I’d be almost helpless without it. :sunglasses:
that is just my preference though

Thanks spigolatura; by dint of using an instrument sometimes the details are lost :beers: