Dolphin: Details view not working for Document, Image, Audio and Video sub criteria

This was already partially referred here more than 2 years ago: Dolphin not displaying data in audio-related columns

It turns out it is not only for audio it is not working. Because it is quite a useful function shouldn’t it be addressed by KDE already?

Is that solution really recommended? After all even its own submitter was not a fan of it? Would be really good if someone could share some insight on “file indexing” pros and cons, although i am more interested in this working by default in Dolphin. If this is already reported to KDE please say so, couldn’t find it either.

Plasma’s Baloo file indexer works fine. There have been a lot of improvements to it over the past couple of years.

Why not just enable it & see how it goes? You can always disable it later.


wtf what happened to the last posts on here?
So anyway just letting visitors know that it works with File Indexer enabled. Only annoying because any new drive inserted (e.g. USB stick) has to be indexed prior for this to work.


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