Does timeshift cli have a dry run option

Is there a cli dry-run option?

As far I am aware, both CLI and GUI automatically performs a dry run when Rsync is used. That’s when Timeshift will compare the current system state with that in a snapshot, so files to be restored will be checked by doing a dry run with rsync.
With BTRFS snapshots, Timeshift uses the file system own built-in features.

For me it didn’t work, directly restored, which really sucked.

I’m trying to help you, but I’m afraid there aren’t many options, other than doing everything with the command line. Just to be sure, are both CLI and GUI broken for you? Restoring a snapshot with the timeshift provided by a live Manjaro USB image didn’t work either?

Maybe you can check btrfs-assistant available in the AUR. Under the subvolumes tab, check at the bottom where it says “include timeshift and snapper snapshots”. You can try to restore a snapshot from there.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

No problem, I was using rsync.
Sadly, via CLI, it directly restored, which was quite painful for me.
I just wanted to see the diff between my backup and current system.