Does installing kde plasma and removing gnome affect performance?

I recently installed kde plasma on my computer, it already had gnome, it left my user and I entered the KDE graphical interface, but I realized I was consuming a lot of RAM, I didn’t install any program on kde, anyway, I removed KDE and I stayed with the gnome.

But I would like to know, is there a correct way to change my graphical interface? Do I need to install the entire operating system again? Or do I just install it and can already use it, did not remove gnome affect KDE performance? What would you recommend to make this transition correctly and without losing performance?

So … you didnt check?
Without any other information … heres a generic guess:
Most likely it was plasmas baloo indexing all of your data.

Still dont know about the specifics of your case.
But I generally dont recommend mixing DE’s, especially the big ones, for a plethora of reasons… though ‘speed’ isnt one of them.

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Got it, got it. In the case of my other question, is it possible to change between the graphical interfaces without having to format the computer? or is it recommended to install the OS again?

Its possible … but a bit messy.
Even if you had your HOME on a separate partition … theres always the possibility of some .config that was held over that has some sort of puzzling affect.
If you are meticulous about it … it should technically be fine … but an install can be done in minutes, so it just doesnt seem all that efficient to me either.

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I carried out the installation of KDE and everything was going well, until the system stopped recognizing my network, it is as if the driver disappeared, there is no Wi-fi connection option on my notebook, I tried via cable too and nothing. I’m on my cell phone now, what do I do? want me to create another topic and close this one?

Yes, you should probably start a new topic for a different issue.

And see this:

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