Does changing default python path to anaconda python affect software centre


Recently i installed anaconda on my system and changed the default python to anaconda python

export PATH="/usr/local/anaconda/bin:$PATH"

default python path was -

export PATH="/usr/bin/python/bin:$PATH"

By doing this i can launch my environment directly from terminal.
Then i found that gnome tweak is working by doing this and made the following changes:

Default confirgation in gnome tweaks -

#!/usr/bin/env python3

Change it to -


Main issue that i am facing is with software centre (i am not sure whether it is related to default python or not):

  1. It is taking lots of time on updates section
  2. some of the update are not getting updated (not sure)

Any help will be appreciated

AFAIK Pamac is not at dependent on python . That said this is a different pamac issue and now solved. Update your system and see these:

Do not mess with system python - you will run into issues.

Systems where the system python has been altered in this manner is unsupported - on other words - you are on your own - you broke it - you fix it.

I didn’t change anything in python settings just changed the added the anaconda python to path. That’s all

When you change the system PATH variable prepending with your anaconda path you are effectively routing all python requests.

If you do this as a part of running a virtual environment it is the right thing to do. The problem comes if you alter you system wide path to point to something besides the system python installation affecting execution outside a virtual environment.

There is a good read on environment in the python documentation

As you suggested, I have made the python path back to normal. As below:

which python

And made the gnome-tweaks python to default -

#!/usr/bin/env python3

I didn’t make any other changes apart from this. I hope this will make system back to normal.

Also, i have removed the some flatpak apps as they were not getting updated but still shows

Update checking it taking so much time sometime gets crashed

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