Do not turn off external display when closing laptop lid

Plenty to be found about this issue and I think I found a working solution here:

The problem however is that the images in this post:

Mainly this one:

Has this part about the Laptop Lid. My power settings don’t have that:

Any ideas how I can get those settings? The other thread is about a year old I think, and I installed yesterday :P. its not like I have outdated packages :).


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I tried to capture the menu, but it closes as soon as the screenshot is made. Either way, there is no option ‘do nothing’.

See Laptop lid close "do nothing" / Laptop Issues / Arch Linux Forums

This is what I do:


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Thank you.

The logind.conf by itself didn’t work, but from the Archlinux thread you linked to I found:


in /etc/UPower/UPower.conf to do the trick!

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