Do i need to enable trim on m2 SSD

Hi, I am using manjaro linux xfce the latest version and my SSD has it’s read and write speed lowered after a few hours of use. I am not doing anything intensive just have firefox browser and vscode text editor opened and after a few hours my speeds go from 3200 read and 2600 write to 800 read and 800 write.

Do I need to enable TRIM? I tried lsblk --discard and my SSD supports trim and when I checked if fstrim.timer is enabled it is not.

Should I enable it if my SSD is only getting slow after my computer is on for a few hours (because it says this is periodic) or do I have to enable continious trim through discard? I don’t want to mess anything up and I am unsure of this stuff… thank you

Yes, best is to enable it.

It is indeed periodic if you keep the computer powered up 24/7, but if your computer was shut down when the trim operation was supposed to be running, then it’ll do the trimming upon the next boot. :wink:

This is not advisable, because it will attempt a discard operation after every write, which means that…

  • your performance will suffer; and
  • the drive may ignore the discard if not enough blocks would be freed.

The periodic trimming via fstrim.timer is much better, because it catches all the blocks that need trimming and it’ll get out of your way once the trim operation has finished.


I’m wondering if this is more a case of heat build up causing throttling as you would need to write a fair amount of data to suffer from Trim trauma.

What tool did you use to check the ssd speeds?

I don’t believe enabling TRIM would fix the issue you seem to have (but enabling TRIM is important though). If your SSD speed goes to 25% of its rated speed after using the computer for a few hours, there might be an issue somewhere else.

yes i replicated the issue and i was wrong. The issue doesn’t occur after a few hours, but rather when I boot the PC from a powered off state it is 25% of it’s speed but if I restart it it goes back to the normal speed. I am confused and not sure what to do. Do I just restart my PC after every boot?

Something you still did not reply to: how do you test your drive speeds? Maybe your tests are bogus.

kdiskmark and hdparm
i had made another thread because this thread is for trimming

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