Do I need Kvantium and QT5config?

They seem to conflict with each other, can I get rid of QT5config tool and just use kvantium for managing system themes?

GNOME is setup by default to use QGnomePlatform and Kvantum. Qt5 Config can also be used with Kvantum, but only one Platform Theme can be used at a time.

Edit your /etc/environment for system-wide changes or ~/.profile for user account changes.

# For Qt5 Config, use qt5ct


shoot, I removed QT5 config but now I don’t have system settings. I still have “Manjaro Settings” but it is very limited. Do you know what package I need to install to get it back?

You mean Qt5 Settings for the Qt5 Configuration Utility? It’s qt5ct.

yea, I removed qt5ct because it was conflicting with Kvantum, I don’t know if I should reinstall it

It really depends what theme or style of theme you want to use.

If you like Adwaita, any variation of it or anything based on it, you neither need Kvantum nor Qt5 Config as QGnomePlatform takes care of everything. in that case you can comment out this line in the file I referenced above:


If you use a GTK theme like Matcha that has a matching Kvantum theme, then keep Kvantum and leave that file above at default settings like I posted it above.

If you want more customization options and want to use Qt5 Config, then you’ll need to change this line in the file above like I mentioned. Any changes to that file require a reboot to take effect.

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