Discord update / official Manjaro application package (0.0.13 edition)

This is another instance of the same issue I posted about in Discord update / official Manjaro application package situation

This is happening again. I want to talk with my brother via Discord this afternoon while my son is napping since I have a bit of free time and suddenly Discord can’t be used because of this.

@philm , can you please swoop in and save the day again like you did last time? It would help me personally so much, and I’m sure there must be others this affects! Thank you! :smiley:

For now, I’ll try modifying the JSON to trick Discord into thinking it’s updated.


Just did it.

If you don’t like that it won’t function without the latest update, report it upstream.

EDIT: Discussion here:


Interestingly I don’t have that problem (yet). Seems like they follow the microsoft updating strategy of forcing the update only on a portion of the userbase first and looking what telemetry comes back.
An unofficial alternative would be to install something like lightcord as an alternative. Keep in mind though that this is not supported by discord.

They actually ban users permanently for using alternative clients. It’s insane. I wish there was a good FOSS alternative that doesn’t use their network and has all the features.

Thanks for the quick fix.

By the way, in case you were curious, a minute or two after I posted, I edited the JSON to trick Discord into thinking it was updated and was able to use it until the update. I had my nuce afternoon chat with my brother! :slight_smile:

FYI, that workaround is now in the Arch Wiki: Discord - ArchWiki

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The solution I used doesn’t seem to be. All I did was edit the file and run Discord, without re-packaging or anything else. It was still the old version, but ran without the blocking prompt.

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