Discord Update (character limit now for titles?!)

Okay, anyone reading this, please be kind and not condescending, it’s an honest question and the last time actually led to the solution of a problem, as Discord hadn’t been pushed to the update. Also, that thread was deleted, I don’t know why.

Anyway, is Discord going to be updated? It’s trying to update itself but isn’t showing an update in Pamac yet.

The version in the Manjaro repositories in all branches is 0.0.42-1. Arch already has the update, which means that the Unstable branch is lagging behind on Arch.

I’ll put in an update request. :wink:

Thank you.

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Perhaps this helps:

Thanks, but it’s fine once it’s available in Pamac, and then it’s available for everyone else, too. I made this thread because the update last time had forgotten to be added to the update list, and @Aragorn is putting in an update request.

Can I put in update requests somewhere?

No, that section of the forum is only writable for staff members. That’s why I added the request on your behalf.

If this happens again is it okay to DM you instead of making a post?

I guess so, but this is a known issue with discord, and it’s going to happen each and every time. You also have to keep in mind that most of our developers and package wranglers are still trying to get their life on track again after having attended FOSDEM — some of them may still be experiencing jet lag issues.

If discord is so important to you, then I would advise using a Snap or FlatPak version instead. Those are probably updated sooner.

I can use web Discord. I’m not stressed about this or in a rush, I’m just trying to be constructive and helpful when I notice a problem. Like I mentioned, if I hadn’t have said something last time then the update would have taken longer for it to be added to Pamac. I asked about DM instead of making a post because this isn’t something where I can do anything if all that is needed is for someone being made aware that an update is out of the loop.

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Definitely the best approach is to download Discord, extract it in your Home folder wherever you want, modify the .desktop file provided with Discord files to point to the correct now modified location, and copy this .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications.

Remove Discord from the repositories so you don’t have two version of Discord on the system.

Enjoy owning the permission on Discord and just simply UPDATE it when it needs to.

Absolutely not.

Discord is updated in all branches.

There is a workaround while waiting for the repo package to be updated: Discord - ArchWiki