Discord update 0.0.12

Discord has released a new update 0.0.12, the official package in the package manager is 0.0.11-1. It says that I have to install it manually from a tar.gz file. I extracted it in the downloads section, but I am not able to open the app again, it says there is a bug of error code 100 and that it is unable to open the executable file. Kindly help me with how to open the executable, and where to move the folder to. Thanks!

This is a hack, but don’t bother with manually managing the tar.gz: stop discord completely, open /opt/discord/resources/build_info.json and change 11 to 12, then start it; it should work.


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yes, this worked, thank you!

So we can expect an update in the official repository after a few days?

Yes, we can.

I suspect so, yes. That was definitely the case with the last Discord update, now about a month ago, I think.

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The update has been pushed to the Manjaro repositores, you can update now.


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