Discord package outdated in stable

The package for discord in the stable branch has version 0.0.19-1 while the latest version located in the is 0.0.20-1, since 09/14/2022.
That newer version is also present in the testing and unstable branches since then.

The issue with Discord not being updated is that Discord will not start in case the local version is outdated.
There is a workaround, but being able to use the correct version would be appreciated.

Hi @eljenso, and welcome!

Please see:

Hope this helps!


Thanks, @Mirdarthos.

How long does it usually take until packages are lifted from testing/unstable to stable?


I don’t really know, or care actually. But I think about roughly 2/3 weeks.

It’s fairly easy to install discord from unstable without switching to unstable branch. I can’t see it breaking anything as afaik it’s unmodified from arch

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