Difference between pamac install and pamac build

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I am kinda new to Manjaro and I decided to stick on pamac as package manager but there something I don’t fully understand as this post title says. What is the difference between ‘install’ and ‘build’ commands? I read about them and I decided to test them at an AUR package but both commands seem identical to me.

So… I’m thankful with any explanation.

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Pamac is a swiss army knife - package manager - as it supports a variety of package formats and installations.

  1. install fetches a package from the official repo
  2. build creates a custom package using instructions pulled from Arch User Repository (short AUR).

Only the first - the install command - is supported as this installs packages from Manjaro repo.

The results of the build command is unsupported - read below to learn why

When you use pamac to install packages from other sources than the official - those formats are unsupported - snap, flatpak and appimage - as those are designed to be self contained and therefore the system has no say in how they work - any errors or problems must be reported to the developer(s) of the package.


To put it as simply as possiuble install installs a prebuilt version of the app, build dowqnloads the precompiled code for a app and builds the app on your system then installs it.

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