Destiny 2 via Google Stadia

I played on Stadia since a couple of months using google chrome via arch repo. Since roughly a week there have been input lags that render the gaming experience somewhat shitty. Can this be caused by some recent update in manjaro or should I look elsewhere? I am on dell xps 15 9550, very good connection, I use wifi, I keep the system updated, the other computer with cable ethernet to the same router has no such problems at all…

AUR packages are not or officially supported in Arch or Manjaro.

You can try to rebuild chrome or you can try to use another browser, I recommend Vivaldi or Firefox.

Stadio also works fine with Chromium. You don’t need Chrome for it.

In order to get a clue about why there’s lags, etc. you can use some extension “Stadia Enhanced”.
It shows some statistics about packet loss, video decoding time and stuff.

btw. You want to make sure that video hardware decoding of VP9 codec is working fine in your browser.

I understand.

Chromium from official repo started having the same problem so I thought there is a known issue.

It turns out installing chromium-vaapi solved this problem for me but compiling takes ages… ;( And having a second browser is sort of suboptimal.

Stadia doesn’t work on firefox. I don’t know how it is with vivaldi.

How do I do that?

If your hardware can’t do VP9 (you can check that with vainfo), the extension mentioned above also allows you to force h264 codec (only with resolutions up to 1080p)

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Type chrome://flags in the URL and search for Hardware-accelerated video decode,enable it and restart the browser,should be enough,also see if chrome://gpu it says Video Decode: Hardware accelerated

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It worked! Thank you! I had to enable it. I wonder why it became disabled, apparently with one of recent updates. I have been using firefox since years and I am not familiar with chrome/chromium setting.

Do you think I can run chrome/chromium with primusrun to get stadia being handled with my nvidia? I have dual cpu laptop, intel/nvidia. I don’t know if it makes any differnce for simple decoding.

Don’t know. Probably. I don’t have a dual gpu setup or nvidia.
But why bothering the dGPU with it when the iGPU works fine…

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More weird is how to managed to play Stadia in the first place,because Chrome/Chromium didn’t have hardware acceleration until recently,and yet is still disabled by default because of testing (to make sure everybody can use i suppose).

It doesn’t make a difference,the intel card is enough for video decoding,the nvidia leave it for programs that require more 3D power and such.

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