Desktop icons position

Does anyone know how to keep desktop icons in the same position?
It’s really annoying that at every reboot it shuffles them all.
Thanks a lot for answer.

Ever since I installed Manjaro it has been giving me this problem, I move the icons on the desktop and on the next reboot I find them completely shifted, sometimes scaled sometimes linear but always mixed up.
I have tried blocking them and not sorting them but I always end up with this problem.
In the end I gave up on it but it is very inconvenient.

And you still think it is necessary for people to consult a crystal ball on account of what desktop environment you’re using? :wink:

You’re right, I didn’t really think about it :innocent:
Kde Plasma vers. 5.27.8
Kde Framework 5.110.0
Qt 5.15.10
Sorry for the delay but I’ve been messed up the last few days.

You can manage desktop icons size, labels, alignment and sorting in “Desktop Folder Settings” window:

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Yes indeed, I put the icons locked but after restarting, sometimes not the first but the next ones, I find them scaled and all mixed up.

this is the good version

and this is the result after boot

this is my set

For the same kind of problems i.e. icons not locked I recently removed ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc.

See instructions / guide here: Kubuntu 22.04 – How to Reset Plasma 5 Desktop – Ryan and Debi & Toren

This results in a new default desktop, so save the layout / widgets etc. screenshots so you can rebuild it.

Hope it works for you!

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