Deleting firefox any remains

I need to delete Firefox completely.

I can get back my extension and everything when restore.

pacman successfully remove this directory
which firefox

But this not enough.


in above directory no firefox related thing.

this topic doesn’t help me.

How can able to remove Firefox without any remaining.

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Firefox stores user data in ~/.mozilla/.

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thanks sometimes feelt dummy with such an easy answers.

These commands might help in the future:

find $HOME -iname '*firefox*'
locate -i -r firefox           # requires mlocate package
pacman -Ql firefox
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We should keep presure on Mozilla to comply with XDG standards.
This is just example where users keep looking into ~/.cache ~/.config and ~/.local/share to discover that there’s little to no mozilla/firefox folders.

They just never cared and now recently they’ve switched CEO for someone who cares even less.


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