Deleted intel-ucode

I deleted the intel-ucode package by mistake and now I cannot boot because I get the error - intel-ucode.img not found.
How do I fix this? :frowning:

Boot up from the install medium in live mode. Open up a terminal window and become root… :arrow_down:

su -

Now issue the following command… :arrow_down:

manjaro-chroot -a  

Select the correct root partition if there is more than one ─ enter 1 if you get something like “0/0”.

Now issue the following commands…

pacman -Syyu intel-ucode

Let the commands finish, and then it should be safe to reboot. :wink:

The system should still be bootable if you edit your Manjaro boot entry in grub (press e in grub menu) and adjust the initrd line from

initrd  /boot/intel-ucode.img /boot/initramfs-5.4-x86_64.img


initrd  /boot/initramfs-5.4-x86_64.img

and then press f10 to boot this edited entry.
Reinstall the package or at least update-grub to get a bootable system.


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