Default Color Picker app (gcolor3) not picking colors

I don’t use it very often, but it’s super handy when I need it. Is anyone else having an issue where if you click the dropper icon in Color Picker you are not able to actually pick a color?

I have never tested until now, but indeed, looks like a bug (at least the version on stable). It is not a problem with your system.

Xfce here, srable, gcolor3-xorg works just fine.
#45a259 is the detected color of your avatar, @Adramyttium.

…it is not ? It is, you both have the wrong app.

Which is part of the default iso i guess :slight_smile: Since i never installed it manually.

That’s odd, given that it was installed by the distro when I set this machine up. I looked up the latest distro files and see that both are now present.

I giva a sh… on manjaros misses. They don’t care anymore. They are buisy with buiseness. So you better take care for yourself, they don’t.

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I removed gcolor3 and installed gcolor3-xorg and we’re back.

…wayland, gtk4, the world is changing, xfce is not (ATM).

Yes i can confirm it works.

Yet, manjaro is providing xfce as official flavour and it has to be supported from the team (or taken out of the list of official flavours).
I opened an issue on gitlab.

gcolor3 is included in Xfce, Cinnamon and i3 ISOs

Colour picker issue has been reported upstream a few times
color picker button (#140) · Issues · World / Color Picker · GitLab
Click pencil icon nothing happens (#132) · Issues · World / Color Picker · GitLab
color picker buntton does nothing (#130) · Issues · World / Color Picker · GitLab
Clicking picker button does nothing without xdg-desktop-portal implementation (#124) · Issues · World / Color Picker · GitLab

A commit has just been made in the source by Yohanan so the next isos should be fixed.


That’s awesome! Thanks for bring it to the distro’s attention.

It’s just been updated in unstable and works now.


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