Deadbeef seems to have a problem playing flac files

deadbeef seems to have a problem playing FLAC files.

If deadbeef --version reports that you are using v1.9.1, build new version 1.9.2 from AUR

pamac build deadbeef

FLAC playback in DeaDBeeF not working after last update

You’re behind with the pkgbuild updates, also search exists in this forum and AUR maintainers are not obliged to push pkgrel bumps for rebuild

Seems okay here…
pamac install deadbeef

2 aur/deadbeef 1.9.2-2 [+60 ~4.58] [Installed]

Launch from terminal… enter the music folder and do 'deadbeef ` and autocomplete.

deadbeef 101\ -\ Unaccompanied\ Cello\ Suite\
 No.\ 1\ in\ G\ major,\ BWV\ 1007_\ I.\ Prélude.flac

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