Dark Screen during boot

Hi guys. Just today i installed Majaro on my Hp laptop 4530s with Intel graphics card. All was working fine but after few latest updates when i boot from shutdown. The boot screen goes black and nothing happens. It’s my first try at Linux and i would appreciate of someone kind can guide me to a solution.


Hello and welcome!

To guide you to a solution we need some substantial data. Please boot with your Manjaro install device and chroot into you system.

Open a terminal and type:

manjaro-chroot -a

Now you are on your local installation within this terminal.

Now type these commands (each line is one command):

inxi -Fxxxa --no-host
cat /etc/fstab
journalctl -b -0

Copy and paste it here like here described:

If the output is cut with “>” on the right side, then please expand the window of the terminal or CTRL + - for decreasing the font size and CTRL + + for increasing.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Megavolt.
Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t hold myself and did a fresh install. I have done few updates yesterday and will try to be careful with the ones for intel display driver. If anything i will update you hear and post the results of command at the top.

Thank You so much…