Daily development ISO builds switch from the 5.19 kernel version to a newer one

Currently we have monthly stable ISO builds based on the 6.0 version
(Releases · manjaro/release-review · GitHub)
but unstable development daily builds are still based on the 5.19 version
(Releases · manjaro-plasma/download · GitHub).

BTW, 5.19 had state of EoL and now is not listed on the kernel.org.

Looks like it’s time to renew kernel version family in development ISO builds.


Gnome is using linux 60 kernel

Looks like all archives are broken? ( *.iso.z01)
What am I doing wrong - even Windows cannot unpack the *.iso.Z01,
something is missing, where is the rest please? Partial archive?

It is a split archive and you need to assemble the archive - then unzip

zip -FF ./farchive.iso.zip --out farchive.zip
unzip ./farchive.zip

How to download ISO dev builds

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…or you could download all relative files and then to unzip and verify 'em by the

7z t "man*iso.zip" && 7z x "man*iso.zip" && shasum -c manjaro-kde-*sha*

these will test and extract zipped images and then will verify them

For those, who don’t have the 7z executabe:

$ pacman -Qo $(where 7z)
/usr/bin/7z is owned by p7zip 1:17.04-3

so to get the 7z executable it you can emit
sudo pacman -S p7zip
I think there are several sources of the 7z, but I didn’t check others.


The images got currently the brand new 6.1 kernel version.
The thread is obsoleted now.


As a further note the below iso’s have not been updated since August on the 26th

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