Custom global shortcuts not working

I recently switched to Manjaro(KDE).
So when I create a custom shortcut to open an app,for example

It doesn’t work.
all the default shortcuts work perfectly but none of my custom shortcuts work.
Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong or provide me with assistance to solve this issue.
Thank you.

Hi. I asked the same question a couple days ago:

Have a good day!

I still couldn’t find the solution. Can you please explain the solution in detail here?

Oh sure, I should have been more explicit.

The thing is, this is supposed to be fixed with an update next month. However, this workaround is good enough for me:

Basically, use Custom shortcuts instead of Global. Then go to Edit > New > Global Shortcut > Command/URL and set up the key combination and the command you want to execute. I know, it was more comfortable to just pick the action from a pre-made list, but it’s not so hard to figure out the command and options you want to run. You can first do some testing with the console.

I hope this works for you.


Thanks, it worked