Cursor disappears in fullscreen applications

In gnome, every full screen app misses the cursor and idk the reason, Flameshot - Minecraft - any sort of full screen app
if there is a fix for that i would appreciate telling me

What does that mean, exactly? :thinking:

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Please see:

Why being rude?? i thought it’s a popular bug which many ppl faces
the mouse cursor goes away and doesn’t show up

I’m not.

The Ministry quote (redacted) was just having a bit of fun.

What is? You haven’t described what your issue is.

i can’t describe
it’s how i said when i go full screen the cursor is gone this is annoying
also there is some performance drops

Please provide your system information.

I met the same bug btw I use Arch Linux.
What’s your version of linux kernel , mutter version, gnome and GPU driver?
I build mutter and gnome-shell from AUR thus they are from the latest commit of the code. I thought it’s a bug introduced recently. But when I revert to a older commit of mutter, the problem doesn’t disappear.

I will report it to mutter.

Do you use the gnome extension soft-brightness? I found it’s the cause: Mouse Coursor invisible after login · Issue #45 · F-i-f/soft-brightness · GitHub