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I just updated to the “stable” branch and have the Manjaro Ultima Thule 23.0.0 version.
But when I look in the forum on stable releases, the latest is only the 22.x.x, why?

One is an ISO release and the other is an update/upgrade… just the way a Rolling Release works.

  • Last Stable Update: [Stable Update] 2023-07-10 - Kernels, Plasma, Gnome, LibreOffice, Pipewire, Mozilla, Wine

  • Last ISO Release: “Manjaro 22.1 Talos released”

Manjaro is a rolling release … you are either up to date or you are not.
‘Releases’ really only mean something for ISO’s
(and even that will probably end at some point because phil finally figured out how to use CI builds :sweat_smile:)
That said … you are probably talking about package ‘lsb-release’ or ‘manjaro-release’ … which attempts to assuage some software that expects a ‘release’ version.

Probably not because it makes for good advertisting (“New Manjaro version released”). With the rolling releases from a CI pipeline, you won’t get that.

Ah, true, how could I forget the importance of the marketing angle.
(here no less)
Still … it will probably just mean one of those CI’s being tagged with a name every once in a while.

Images are currently in the review cycle: Releases · manjaro/release-review · GitHub

My previous OS Chakra was constantly criticized in reviews for not being up to date. Quick reviews who don’t spend the time to update.

Ok, thanks for all of your answers :slight_smile:

you can build you’re own iso with buildiso.
Usefull information how to do that

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