CTR 2.0 for Linux?

Hey everybody, with the recent release of CTR 2.0, and and their goodbye to ryzen master tool, do you think, it might be possible, that CTR could be coming to linux, and manjaro?


Did you read this?

Yes, that was the old Version 1.0 which relied on the Ryzen Master tool, which is only available for Windows, but the 2.0 Version doesn’t use that anymore, and seems to have some own solution, communicating with the CPU “directly”.

That wasn’t my point. Someone has to write it for linux regardless the protocol/communication used, and so far there are alternatives. Might not be as good or complex, but in that case you can use the v2.0 on Windows, take note of the values used, then set the BIOS like that … then boot in linux.

Manjaro has no manpower to write such tool, and we can’t speculate who might take such task to do it for Linux … :man_shrugging:

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Ah sorry, then my bad. Thank you for the answer. I used it already on Windows, and set the values in the BIOS. I would just be happy to see this cutting edge software on linux.

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No worries. I just don’t want to give false hopes :slight_smile: