CSP of the forum in context of Online Translators

It seems there is a plugin.

Probably could be a replacement instead of the Language sections. Don’t know how reliable is for translation.

Then there is this discussion since 2014 - 2018

It kind of ends in mid air …

Regarding online translators, the issue i noticed, depending on the browser, the translated content will fail to display, so that is another disadvantage.

Although that translator plugin sounds nice as idea, i never like solutions that need API keys and have rate-limiting.
While the service itself is available to the public for free without those when performed by the user.

Quote from post 37:

Note that post are only translated upon request, which means that the 2 million characters are only consumed when someone clicks the translate button. And I believe the translation is then stored locally so every post only needs to be translated once per language.

That functionality (storing locally) is completely unnecessary IMHO…
(Even with a free plan)

I’m not in favor of replacing the language sections, because translations will always be non-optimal.
So those sections should stay IMHO for better communications with people who are adequate in those languages.

That said, IMHO the easiest and cheapest solution is to allow the public services to access the content of the forum to translate it via their own webpage.
Especially for Firefox users with the To Google Translate add-on (which i use :wink: )

Side note:
I think with the current CSP the pages won’t even be indexed by search engines, which is ofcourse not good either…

I just encountered a practical example why this is needed:

In many cases the translation won’t be reliable and I won’t like to see M$ or Goockel being involved. Any user can use these translation tools easily from their own website if needed, I don’t see a nameable benefit for such a plugin.

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You actually have now a situation when someone that speaks german/terminal output in german, has posted in the english section. Now imagine someone else replying in spanish or romanian … so, either people post in their exact Language, to avoid mixing, or all this will make the entire forum look like a rainbow of languages …

I’m using Falkon as browser for Manjaro forum. There is no translation plugin for it

Hence i have to copy that text and translate it, either trough a widget or a translator page. For me this implies to much involvement. I only speak English, Spanish and Romanian, reason why i do not get involved in any other Language help requests. Even so, Romanian technical stuff is quite peculiar and even for me becomes confusing when comes to the usage of some words, sometimes is laughable and makes no sense.

If there would be a plugin that could save some translations, mostly for the tutorials section, then if there would be a way to edit and correct those translations, in time, plus suggestions from other members, then those translations could become reliable with accurate technicality terms.

For help requests, then yeah, keep the languages section but encourage members to use it the proper way, with no mix-ups.

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Uhmm the fact that someone with a different native language posts in the “default language” sections does not make it a rainbow of languages.
(In fact English isn’t my native one also :wink:)

There is no problem as long as they communicate in the language that section is meant for, but the ability to translate parts is something that will help them to better understand what is communicated to them.
Which needs the ability for external translation sites to access the content :wink:

Although that sounds like a nice thing to have or be able to, the flaw there is the fact that those tutorials (any post actually) plus the replies by other members is essential to prevent same questions wrt the info.
You won’t be able to keep an up-to-date of things like that with a static translation.
I’m not even going into the Authorship of that context… :wink:

If you have time for that, kudos for you …

Like i said i have an add-on that i can select and right-click to auto open a translation in new tab…

I highly suggest DeepL it is a very interesting project and works much better then googles translator.

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The topic was not about which translator was better :wink:

so why bring up google translator in the first place? :wink:

I used it as example of “external translation sites”…

just wanted to help :man_shrugging:

I totally agree that a mix of language in the English section is unwanted.

In this specific case, a user had difficulties in identifying the items in his German settings manager and I could identitfy for them the exact wording to look for. The communication though was held in English, so from a practical point of view this type of support should be allowed in the English section in my view. If the questions would have been posed in German, I would have moved the thread to the German category.


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PS: It actually helps to be able to understand multiple languages, because you are able to understand different kind of sentences caused by language diffs.
I have 4-5 languages in my arsenal myself :wink:

Same here :+1:

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See this thread where i used online translation to help in a language i don’t posses.

Yes it was a “Rainbow” of languages, but the end result was a solution fixed and a happy forum user :wink:

Is either rely in Browser plugins, Forum plugin. None will ofer the proper translation for technical stuff. Then is the members speaking that language and their technical vocabulary … With a browser plugin usage it depends on the member/user if they want to add it or not, we can’t suggest them to install such plugin, and the information will be volatile.
With a forum plugin we might be able to make that translation more acurate and keep it. That was my point.
Getting involved in different languages to provide help is up to each community assistant or members, no direct control in that regard, only as secondary one.

I understood your standpoint and reason, that’s why i replied with my opinion about it.

To return to the topic’s real issue “CSP”, it is not only related to online translation ability, see my side note:

Which i think on it’s own justifies the change and relaxing of the setting…
Unless you don’t want any forum post to be indexed and searchable via search engines on the internet :wink: