Cpu usage when there is no activity

Hi everyone,

I have been using the unstable/testing version of Manjaro Sway edition and the cpu usage in idle (no applications open) attracted my attention.

When I boot into Manjaro Sway and login, I realize that there is about 3% cpu usage reported on waybar. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this; I would expect the cpu usage to be 0% when no application is being used.

I used Manjaro Sway last year and it was showing 0% at idle time. I was wondering if this is a bug; if not, what is causing the cpu to work when no application is being used? Also, is there any workaround?

click on the cpu monitor.
there is always something running, be it the networkmanager checking connection or even those little monitors updating there status so you know somethings using cpu, a computer is never actually idle unless it’s off.

Yes, Htop showed me waybar using some cpu when I clicked as far as I remember. I recall the activities were at 0% last year with 20.x series. Also, when I was using conky it was showing 0% when I don’t open any programs.

I guess I shouldn’t be concerned with booting to a 3% cpu usage in this case?

lotta changes happen in a year.
but mine does the same, sometimes i see it at 0, but it’s always moving it doesn’t stay on 0 very long.

I have never seen the cpu usage at 0% in my pbp sway, even after a cold boot; which made me curious.

let me reboot & double check.
i run several installs & my memory ain’t what it use to be.

alright mine was jumping between 3 & 5 but mostly 3.

Yes, the same for me at 3%.

Some remarks on this… first it is hard to tell what is actually causing this, because as soon as you open up htop on your pbpro it will also consume CPU power to update it’s metrics and screen. So its hard to observe a running system without influencing its behaviour… on the other hand please don’t forget that there a bunch of background daemons that were started with the system, which will eventually do some work every now and then… I just “monitored” my system with htop (and nothing else open) and figured that sway and waybar are the two applications with the most frequent updates in CPU consumption… this makes sense as on the one hand waybar has to update the various statuses on the right hand side (cpu, mem, power, …) every now and then; on the other side sway has to manage / update whats shown on the screens and react to user input, so some small percentage of CPU is expected for its inner workings…

My pbpro was using up to 7% CPU with htop up on screen

Yes, I have observed same in my Manjaro Sway edition; for some reason, I thought it is not as quiet as it was last year.

hey, since your around. off topic
this new fuzzle menu, not mouse clickable? i looked at the man page but don’t see any setting for that.
i’m using yad for the waybar menu till i could look into it more, i have it set to a non-floating launcher.

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just a reminder, when your scripting & it requires bash use #!/bin/bash instead of #!/bin/sh, i linked my sh to dash & broke scratchpad, took me a bit to figure out why the icon wasn’t showing no more. lol
all fixed now though.

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What’s the commandline for that? Would like to add it to the default setup…

for yad menu?
"on-click": "yad --icons --read-dir=/usr/share/applications --sort-by-name --icon-size=48 --single-click --button='close' --title='Applications' --term='footclient -- %s' --close-on-unfocus",

you also need application defaults:
for_window [app_id="yad"] floating enable
for_window [title="Applications"] floating disable

i only have it for waybar, mod+d is still fuzzel

if you want it floating you need to add --width= & --height= to the command, play with it.

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the reason i have yad floating as well is cause i use for my note app & exit button.
[ -f “$HOME/Documents/Note” ] || touch $HOME/Documents/Note
NOTE=$(yad --text-info --editable --title=“Make A Note” --width=“800” --height=“480” --buttons-layout=“end” --button=“Save” --filename="$HOME/Documents/Note")
if [ “$NOTE” = “” ]
exit 0
echo “$NOTE” > $HOME/Documents/Note
exit 0

"on-click": "yad --image=system-shutdown --text='Exit Options' --button='Reboot':'systemctl reboot' --button='Shutdown':'systemctl poweroff' --button='Cancel'",

1 more tip, if you open yad at startup, it’ll be in memory, so no slow first load.
so i display a little message at start.
exec --no-startup-id yad --title='Welcome' --text='\nWelcome To Sway' --no-buttons --timeout='2' --image='face-raspberry' &

i’m sure you can think of a message.

Done, thanks for bringing it up!

another question, i set a lower resolution in wdisplays, but the setting doesn’t seem to persist after reboot, i looked at the help page & added it to startup, but it still reverted to the default resolution.

I think you have to configure it as a dedicated sway output… sway-output(5) — Arch manual pages

yeah, that’s what it says at github.
i’m reading the man page, but i’m still on my first cup of coffee.

thanks for all the assist, your the best!