Corsair Virtuoso Wireless Gaming Headset with Kernel 5.8


i have a problem with my headset output while on kernel 5.8, its only showing me my input device but not my output anymore. Same problem on USB and on the Wireless USB dongle.
When i boot into the 5.7 kernel it works fine.

Any hint on what i can change so it detects my output ?

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Use for now the 5.7 kernel. It seems with 5.8 there are still things to fix and patch. I can’t use it either (for another reasons) but @nightmare-2021 is working on it, so be patient and try it again when there will be an update for it.


its still a little wonky, at times i get it to work when i fiddle settings and switch around from wired to wireless.
I hope that someone will come along and patch the issue altogether. Taking me 5 - 10 minutes to join discord just because i have to switch around and try my luck.

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