Coredumps galore

Over the last week or two I’ve had some issues, and cleaned up my .config folder a couple of times… however this issue keeps coming back.

Generally I first notice if I try to add a widget - no widget appears and journalctl reports crashes and dumps from systemd, also an inotificy problem from Dolphin:

systemd-coredump[14979]: [🡕] Process 1779 (plasmashell) of user 1000 dumped core.

dolphin[18340]: inotify_add_watch(/etc/sudoers.d) failed: (Permission denied)

Welcome to the club! :frowning_man:

Do coredumps serve any function? How easy is it to stop them? I saw a guide - but half of it wasn’t very clear, and some files/folders didn’t match or exist.

For programmers, yes. They are basically literal images of what was in the process’ allocated virtual memory when the process crashed.

I’m not sure, but systemd has a coredumpctl command. :arrow_down:

man coredumpctl
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You can just ignore this error of Dolphin, because Dolphin can not open or get any files in /etc/sudoers.d for root permission only. AFAIK, This error is like a warning to me.

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Ok - so we’ve narrowed it down a tad.

First bone of contention seems to be restoring a top panel containing global menu and window title - scrapped that because i use inline menu in Material window decoration anyway (just popped globalmenu in there and tried tiling with no decorations).

Second was simply restoring the layout - so I created a new panel and set up Eventcalendar/logged in Google Calendar on there.

Thirdly - and probably the most painful - the khotkeysrc.

I think some of the ‘mouse gestures’ caused some issue - as they’re stored as text and came up with an error when I opened them in Meld.

For now, I pulled in an old one - that would be a real pain to do again.

So far it’s still good - with my current ‘ultimate’ test being that I can right click and + Add Widgets without causing a major crash and session coredump.

Next step is to use Konsave to 1. Create a new backup and 2. Export it to Dropbox.

Best just ignore THIS 5h!t :cry: :rofl: