Copying progress bar hangs at 100% when copying to thumb drive

When copying something to a thumb drive the progress bar finishes quickly to 100% but a few seconds/minutes later the ‘complete’ notification is shown.
If the thumb drive is unplugged before ‘complete’ pops up the data is copied partially.
Found solutions to the problem for Linux Mint but they don’t seem to work for Manjaro.

sudo sysctl -w vm.dirty_bytes=50331648
sudo sysctl -w vm.dirty_background_bytes=16777216

This command does work but it has to be executed after each reboot.
How do I make it persistent?

You can create the /etc/sysctl.d/90-dirty.conf for example and add this lines to it:


Reboot after that.

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Is there any reason why Manjaro doesn’t configure this by default?
Thought a few times that something was broken because it stopped at 100%

If you look at archived forum for the same thing, many prefer or have to set to different values, hence would need to be changed anyway in some cases, so … The default works as is on my end for example.

Would it be possible to create a GUI to configure those values?
Suggesting this because new users have no idea what is going wrong. Just for the sake of ease of use.

Not a GUI … but …

(note - you can input custom values instead of default suggestions using flag --custom-values)
(oh … second note … for vm.dirty* it opts for ratios instead of bytes)

It’s a great start though I don’t think a new linux user would be up to the task.

What if after boot the values could be chosen to be configured automatically relative to the hardware specifications or an option to set custom values?
A kind of pop-up menu perhaps?

Thats why ratios are better than bytes, and why that tool should be functional acrossed systems and also has the ‘–custom-values’ flag for those who wish it.
As to a GUI … it hasnt been made. I dont know if I would ever find it enticing enough to do.
But who knows … I get bored.

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