Copy to smb share slow

Hi Folks,

I have a FreeNas server. That server is able to read/write at 1GBE cap, so about 110mb/s is typical to write on (tested it with the same hardware/network topology, but client was windows).

today i was wondering why it takes so long and saw, it just use <50 mb/s

Thunar is version 1.8.16
kernel 5.9
NIC is having static ipv4 with fixed 1gbe full duplex

since there is no change in hardware/ network/ server, I assume it hast to be something with manjaro (be it drivers, settings or whatever)

any idea on how to bring speeds back to “as it should be”?

nic is intel i211-AT (onboard)

any information missing?

How are you mounting the samba share in Manjaro? What version is the share mounted as? I mount my samba shares as v3.1.1 using fstab, and my copy speed is comparable to that on windows with the same hardware (~100 MB/s using ethernet, ~35 MB/s wireless ac). My NAS server is FeeBSD 12.1 (gigabit ethernet connection), so probably not dissimilar to your FreeNAS setup, and I’m using Manjaro KDE with Dolphin as my file manager.

i mount one part via fstab and another i mount via thunar gui.
just copied a file on both locations one after another and i dont see much difference (probably normal fluctuation)

copy to fstab mounted share via thunar 43MiB
copy to thunar mounted share via thunar 51MiB

smb on freenas should be min or greater version 3 but not exactly sure what version i am using. However smb version did not change on server (windows vs manjaro)

    //   /mnt/Backup cifs credentials=/home/desktop/.smbpasswd,noperm 0 0

If your minimum set on FreeNAS is v3 then I doubt that would be the issue but I guess you could specify vers=3.1.1 as well just to check, as Windows is likely using that version by default.

Are you sure that the issue lies with the samba sharing, or could it be with your ethernet port configuration in Manjaro? i.e. are you able to get close to gigabit transfer speeds with either internet or NFS shares? One thing you could do is also export NFS shares from FreeNAS and see if the speed picks up to what you expect for your system - then you know that it is indeed something to do with your samba configuration on Manjaro. If it’s still slow with NFS, it might be configuration of your network adapter.