Convert Compiled Debian Kernel to Arch Kernel?

I can’t imagine it’s possible, but as I’m slowly moving my machines to Arch, I have one device running a MX 21 ahas kernel customized to produce internal sound and sound-after-suspend.

Kind people had to hold my hand for me to compile in Debian and I was amazed that I got it to work (kernel compiling is usually above my paygrade).

Is there any way to convert a *.deb kernel to an Arch kernel, or is it apples and oranges?


Wrong approach to a problem that you might not even have.

Does that mean that the standard Manjaro kernel does not work for you?

Since you now know what you did - what you needed to change -
and why(!)
it is easy to apply to a custom kernel build in Arch/Manjaro.

The (altered) config can stay the same and serve as a template, for instance.

First make sure that this is even necessary.

Second: tell us what they told you what you had to do,
so we may assist you how to do that same thing here.

The difference isn’t large.

… if a custom kernel is even necessary in the first place

Many thanks for your quick post and you reaffirm all my doubts about such an approach.

I have one of those no-name 7" devices that go by multiple names (eg Topton L4) and its essx8336 audio chip is a pita ( custom-kernel/sof-essx8336 at main · yangxiaohua2009/custom-kernel · GitHub ) with patched drivers that then need a second version to provide sound after resume. Plus, the developer’s rolled kernel isn’t 32-bit capable, which I need for WINE.

I have the .config from my successful compile, but I’m not sure I want the hassle of a start-from-the-bottom compile, especially since there’s absolutely no support for the machine, no forum, etc.

Again, thanks for your post.

Although this is a side issue, not the topic at hand, but to that I’d say that there is likely a misunderstanding here.
Wine can support 32 bit and 64 bit prefixes - it’s just a matter of how you create a wine prefix for some program(s).

I did not find that to be true in my trouble-shooting. 32-bit WINE programs worked with all other tried kernels and not with the develper’s. I explored/searched in vain for command/prefix solutions until discovering that 32-bit was not enabled in his .config.

Once I recompiled with 32-enabled, all was well.

Just try a live manjaro, and report :wink:

Welcome to Manjaro! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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