Context menu opens on left monitor

Hello, fairly new Linux user here who is generally having a great experience giving Manjaro KDE Plasma 21.07 a thorough “Let’s dump Win10 for Linux” effort. Quite honestly gaming was keeping me invested in windows, but Steam/Proton (customized wine?) is shining brightly and proving just how much I can bring with me to Linux!

I have a dual monitor setup and recall needing to swap my monitors in the display config so that my mouse would slide properly across them after fist boot/install.

My typical monitor use it to load the left with my running “reference” apps (browser, system monitor, etc)… and load my right monitor with all my desktop icons as well as being where games load.

However, when I right click a desktop shortcut (on the right) [like I needed to do to correct missing icons I mentioned in another post], the context menu with its choices pop’s up over on the left monitor in about the same position I’m clicking on the right.

I’m hoping this is a behavior someone here can guide me through changing.

Hello and welcome,

The issue you describe was reported before, and not only once …

upstream issue with a bug report, but probably the last comment will be helpful.

Thank you for the reply! Not sure how my forum search missed that post, but glad to see the issue is known about and logged.

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