Context menu shows in wrong monitor

Hi, I have a dual monitor setup. when I right-click on one of my folders on the non-primary monitor, it shows up on the primary monitor (it works fine on the primary monitor)

reqular right click is fine, it shows on the right position

here is the problem, I clicked on steam in the non-primary monitor, but it shows on the other one

I think dolphin is managing the context menu on the desktop icons, and plasma managing it on the other parts. so the problem should be with dolphin

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File a bug with the correct team here

(provide full info there on your system, including the theme as I can’t reproduce this but I don’t use activities, just multiple desktops)


The bug, as I see it, occurs when the desktop icon is in the monitor on the right. Right clicking the desktop icon will show the contextual menu in the left monitor. I think this has nothing to do with primary vs non-primary monitor as far as I know.

Relevant bug reports:

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Can confirm the right click context menu belonging to an item on the primary screen are appearing on the secondary screen.