Conflict Warning

Totally new to Arch Linux, want to make sure I’m not going to hose my system. Someone recommended this GUI package manager for AUR however when I went to install libpamac-aur I’m getting this warning:

“:: libpamac-aur and libpamac are in conflict. Remove libpamac? [y/N]”

Is this something I can say yes to or not?


Welkcome to the forum! :vulcan_salute:

First of all, you have to understand that this here is the Manjaro forum, and that Manjaro is not Arch. We have our own version of pamac, and even though the user is expected to enable access to the AUR themselves if they so wish, the idea is that you’d be using the pamac as supplied in the Manjaro repository for both software from the repos and software from other sources such as the AUR, Snap or FlatPak.

Therefore, you should not replace the Manjaro version of pamac with any version from the AUR, because doing so will break your system.

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There have been major changes with the Pamac packages recently. The AUR packages are outdated and a complete mess right now. We do not offer support as we neither maintain them nor are in contact with the AUR Maintainers.

As @Aragorn mentioned, this is the Manjaro support forum. If you are not using Manjaro and do not have the supported Pamac packages from the Manjaro repos installed, we cannot help.

Please contact the AUR maintainers in regards to those packages. I do not recommend creating an Arch forum post either as anyone there will tell you the same thing.


I created a post in the Support - AUR section regarding a conflict notice I got when trying to install from AUR and was told this is Manjaro not Arch, seek help from AUR and the post was closed. So when I create in Support - AUR, is that not AUR support?

You said here that you use Arch Linux. This is Manjaro forum not Arch.

If you have problem with Arch ask on Arch forum or on package page in AUR.


AUR is unsupported - no matter Arch or Manjaro

Your leading sentence in the previous topic was

Pamac is build by Manjaro for Manjaro.

Anyone can backport and create a PKGBUILD and publish on AUR - the result is unsupported by Manjaro.

This is the way.

Pamac relies on being run on a Manjaro system - not Arch - therefore your topic was closed.

As Manjaro related questions is not relevant on Arch BBS - your question has no relevance on the Manjaro forum.


I am using Manjaro which is based on Arch is it not? :-

Manjaro is a user-friendly Linux distribution based on the independently developed Arch operating system. Within the Linux community, Arch itself is renowned for being an exceptionally fast, powerful, and lightweight distribution that provides access to the very latest cutting-edge and bleeding-

It was initially derived from Arch … but now has its own repositories and some of its own utilties/packages.
As the saying goes - “Manjaro is not Arch”.

Probably the first post was kinda amorphous in its phrasing … so it was interpreted as you being an Arch user, not Manjaro.

I suppose you should just create your topic again … leaving out whatever phrasing led to the confusion.

(or edit the original … maybe contact one of the mods to clarify and get it reopened)

Anyway he already had a reply about replacing Manjaro’s Pamac with AUR’s Pamac:

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If you’d posted on arch forums your were running manjaro you’d really have been flamed :rofl::rofl:. If you are running manjaro then you will already have pamac installed and just need to enable aur support in it if you want to use pamac to install aur.

A bit more information about which version of manjaro you are running will help but the add/remove software is pamac

Why don’t you guys just explain the situation?

You can use the aur with pamac if you first install base-devel. Never use sudo with pamac.

pamac install base-devel

You can then install from the AUR by using the build option while from the other repositories you use install.

pamac install fromthenormalrepositories
pamac build fromAUR

You can search by using the search option and to get help you use help

pamac search steam
pamac help

Install from the AUR at YOUR OWN RISK, if you know what you are doing you are probably fine. But if you are new to this, witch it seems you are, I would not recommend you installing from AUR but rather use what you can find on the official repositories or flatpac f ex.

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Probably a lot safer to use Flatpak for out of band Apps, rather than AUR. Personlly I haven’t found a need to go past Manjaro Stable.

If you believe you need bleeding edge Apps I would suggest you use Arch.

Thank you

Wow that’s some pretty sensitive feelings. 15+ years ago when I moved from Red Hat to Ubuntu and posted my first question in the forum, I simply stated I was new to Debian. The post was created in the Ubuntu Forums so no one and I mean no one assumed I was using actual Debian otherwise I would have been on the Debian forum not Ubuntu’s.

Your experience is not a rule people follow. When someone say I’m new to Arch on Manjaro forum, it means they use Arch and ask question on the wrong forum. This happens, and the opposite too, people on Manjaro ask question on Arch forum. Both cases, you will get asked to go to the proper forum. That has nothing to do with feelings. Now if you’re on distro X and say I’m on distro Z, what is the logical assumption? Yep, people just read what you wrote and take it at face value.

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You are correct - but your referenced topic was clear that you used Arch LInux - and Manjaro differs in several ways - using Arch does not imply using Manjaro

  • Manjaro provideds Pamac as GUI package manager
  • Manjaro provides LTS kernel going back to - if I recall correct 4.19
  • Manjaro uses a branch system (stable, testing, unstable)
  • Manjaro provides a settings manager

In fact you were referencing AUR and had build Pamac from AUR - which is not necessary when using Manjaro.

As I mentioned previously - Pamac is in the repo - if you need to build it from AUR you are not using Manjaro hence topic irrelevant.

If on the other hand you had provided information that you were in fact running Manjaro

inxi -S

The response would have been different - although most would have been questioning the sanity in building a backported Pamac from AUR.

Manjaro stable can be anything between 2 to 4 weeks behind Arch stable.

If you are in for specific apps only available using custom scripts - to avoid dependency issues caused by the difference between Manjaro stable and Arch you best bet is to switch to Manjaro unstable branch.

OP was reporting an issue with libpamac-gui, that is maintained on AUR for other Arch-derivative OS that do not use Manjaro repository packages. libpamac-aur maintainer is a moderator on another Arch-derivative OS that does not discourage users from claiming “BTW I run Arch”

OP had a good answer in post#2 that could have been marked as a solution

IMO post #3 was unnecessary, did not “remember the human” and probably did not consider that it could invoke a “Streisand effect”

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In my experience using Manjaro unstable branch is fine with many packages from AUR because it is “close” to Arch. (It is frequently synced with Arch stable repository per day, but a few packages are built or changed by Manjaro team, they are probably not compatible with very few packages from AUR, that would be extremely rare to happen)

I don’t like updating a large number of packages and dependencies in Manjaro stable or testing branch, as it’s difficult to find out which package is broken or has new bugs. For this reason I use the unstable branch and update a few packages per day, using auto snapshots and auto daily incremental backups without worry.


From the wiki:

Use the AUR at your own risk!

No support will be provided by the Manjaro team for any issues that may arise relating to software installations from the AUR. When Manjaro is updated, AUR packages might stop working. This is not a Manjaro issue