Configure Low Disk Space Threshold?

In addition to its root drive (which has ample space), my system has a second drive which I want to fill with data.

Is there a way to turn off or adjust the low space threshold for that secondary drive, so that for example in Dolphin it doesn’t show up in red?

A little bit bigger hammer than you want or need:


minimumSpace=8000 # number in MB

If this is a btrfs filesystem, don´t … fill it up.

Probably disk quota is what you are looking for.

Thanks for the warning! Fortunately this is ext4, so hopefully I’m OK.

ext2/3/4 by default has 5% of the filesystem capacity reserved for the root user
If that is what you mean and if that is what causes the “red” warning even though the drive still has got free space available
you can tune the filesystem to not reserve as much space for root only

man tune2fs

look at the explanation for the -m switch

5% reserved for root space doesn’t make much sense for a non system partition - and even there 5% is way too much with todays large drives.
(5% of 1TB is 50GB of unusable space except for root - when even 1GB likely is plenty of safety margin)

Set it to 1% or even lower with:
tune2fs -m1 /dev/sdXy
or even set it to zero for a non-system drive

Then you can fill up the filesystem up to the brim (or near to it).

It gets inefficient when you get near that mark - and when the file system is full you have to deal with it yourself (by deleting files to re-gain some space).

Quotas are not implemented by default AFAIK
and these would not be affected by the default reserved block percentage of 5% for root
again, AFAIK.

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That seems likely to be the issue. Thank you! I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

tune2fs -m1 did it. Thank you!

You are welcome.

To go even lower - which may be desired on a large capacity drive where even 1% is a significant amount of inaccessible/unusable space

man tune2fs
and the Arch wiki
says this:

To set the number of reserved block space to an absolute size in gigabytes, use `-r`:

# tune2fs -r $((*ngigs* * 1024**3 / *blocksize*)) /dev/*device*

Section 1.2 here:

Ext4 - ArchWiki

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