Configure external thunderbolt storage for user mount?

I have a thunderbolt 4 external enclosure with an SSD inside. I’d like to use it mounting it as a user (without having to become root). Which piece of software needs to be configured? Udisk? I also would like KDE to detect plug-in and offer a mounting option.

It all depends on the filesystem on the device. If it’s a POSIX filesystem, then the POSIX permissions apply, and then root-owned files will remain root-owned files.

If it’s one of the typical Microsoft-style filesystems, then file ownership and permissions are faked in the virtual filesystem layer, because those are not POSIX-compatible filestystems, and in that case, it should be automatically mounted with yourself as the (fake )owner.

Still, you might want to consider setting up a static /etc/fstab entry and a mountpoint for the filesystem iinside your home directory. :point_down:

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