Computer hibernated during an update

My laptop hibernated during an upgrade when I tried to start it I got an error that said

error: you need to load the kernel first.

I was able to use chroot to update the Linux kernel via a live usb however when I boot into my main drive again I now just get black and white bars on my screen. I have tried different kernels including the one I was using before the update but not seeing a difference.

I would suggest first to try what is described here:

It could be that you need to install a kernel after the update command, for example if you want to use kernel 5.10, then apply

mhwd-kernel -i linux510

just after the update command in the linked post.

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In chroot, continue the update:

pacman -Syyuu

And force the rebuilt of the initramfs:

mkinitcpio -P

(This step might be redundant depending on what the first one does but it can’t hurt.)

I tried the above steps I also forced pacman to reinstall all packages in case a package was corrupted during the install. Still getting the bars after booting into the os.

I should also probably mention I have full disk encryption so I am decrypting the drive and mounting it before running the chroot.

I would embed a picture but it seems my account is too new. I had to make a new one again as my old one wouldn’t let me in.

I have seen the bars before for about a half second while it boots before.

I have also tried to switch to another tty but no luck.

Update, swapped the ssd into a nearly identical pc only difference being the resolution in the display and the amount of ram. It is stuck on the manjaro logo on boot

I pressed delete a shell opened and gave instructions for running fsck. I ran it and it works now. I think the bars is just the portion of the startup that shows the manjaro logo isn’t setup for a high res screen.

@Chip, nice to hear you solved it. As they are not very useful, please delete all the pictures of this thread.

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