Compiz broke after update yesterday (20-05-2021)

Hi. I try to fix my linux problems by myself but this one got me puzzled. I use Manjaro Compiz Standalone with Cairo Dock (MCCD) as my daily driver and I have been using that setup for at least two years without any compiz related problems till I updated my system yesterday. I built the MCCD desktop from Manjaro XFCE and that’s why I post my request here (from the XFCE desktop.)
In short after the update yesterday I shut the comp down to do something else and later started up to find that I got nothing but a black screen and a cursor when login into MCCP. I restarted and was able to log into the XFCE desktop however compiz dit not funtion and the CCSM wouldn’t start. I used the feedback I got from the terminal, and found out I needed to reinstall compiz-easy-patch from the AUR.
Reinstall didn’t work so I uninstalled it. However when I try to reinstall it I get:

:: Parsing SRCINFO (1/1): compiz-easy-patch
failed to parse compiz-easy-patch: Line 84: key “pkgbase” can not occur after pkgbase or pkgname: pkgbase = compiz-easy-patch

And then it quits and goes back to the promt.
I have tried to install the compiz 9 package. That worked but it crashes all the time. Is there anybody who can tell me what exactly this means and how I can fix it please?

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I removed and recompiled it, and now it works.

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