Colour Coded KDE Konsole?

Hi everyone!

I would like to know if I could make the KDE Konsole look like the Manjaro-Gnome Terminal?

I think it looked quite nice with the colour coding and the ~ >>> command starting point.
Is it also possible to make the output text also colour coded like this?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think you need to customize/change the shell.

//EDIT: yep, quick google for “kde konsole change shell” yields some interesting results I think you can go from there :wink:

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That just looks like zsh to me…

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You can check what’s inside your ~/.zshrc in Gnome, copy/adapt it to your KDE system, install if not already done zsh and set is as default shell.

I think zsh is part of a default KDE installation. I changed the ‘command’ in Konsole preference from bash to zsh and it works after restarting Konsole, and I don’t remember installing it myself.


zsh with powerlevel10k most likely

It’s in the official repo

Gnome for sure, not the case from not too recent KDE isos (if I remember well), I didn’t check the latest available.

I was wondering, does it exist, a list of all default applications by DE iso?

Yes you can download the ISO profiles and check the packages list.

//EDIT: from a quick look it seems manjaro-zsh-config is part of Packages-Root which seems to be common for all DE.

Right, so I changed the profile command from /bin/bash to /bin/zsh and it looks perfect, thanks guys!!!

I just tried this and worked like a charm. Thanks man.

Then you have in your home folder the file .zshrc to customize it.

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