Clean */*, */* files, */* blocks issue not letting me boot

Hello, I recently installed Manjaro yesterday and first time booted. I updated through the add/remove software application and then I restarted. I came up with a message saying /dev/sda2: clean, 256700/61030400 files, 6622819/244112696 blocks and its been stuck there for hours on end! I recently switched from Pop! OS to Manjaro and I dont know how to fix this.

GPU: Nvidia GT 730
CPU: Intel i5 4590 haswell
RAM: 8gb ddr3 1666mhz ram

Thats just the last thing you see (fsck) and likely not the problem.
More likely the nvidia got the new driver series during update but nvidia dropped support for your card.
Just a guess - but if I am right there are more than a few identical threads with solutions.
[basically drop to tty (or boot runlevel 3) then switch to lower nvidia series (like 475)].

i have downgraded to 470.86 yet it still happens