Cinnamon Themes / Window-frame Mint-Y-dark not available since Dec. 21 Update

hello manajaro-professionals,
i’m using manjaro cinnamon 21.2.1 with cinnamon 5.0.7 since the last big update.
starting with the dec. 21 update my usual window-frame theme mint-y-dark is not available anymore.
i used to have the mint-y-dark (or mint-y-dark-teal) frame combined with light-grey mint-y-darker-teal buttons.
on actual live mediums (without the update) it is still available.
Is it a bug - or is the mint-y-dark(er) frame not compatible with cinnamon 5.0.7? Or is it possible to reinstall or copy the frame from the live-version? I checked allready usr/share/themes - and yes it is definitely not installed anymore.
this is the first little issue since i changed to manjaro 12 months ago…and i’m still very happy with my manjaro.
thanks for your answers.

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It seems we may have updated our mint-themes package a little too preemptively since Arch hasn’t updated most of the Cinnamon packages yet. Probably when Linux Mint announces the 20.3 release (currently in beta), they will be updated. For now, you can try mint-themes-legacy from the AUR (Arch User Repository).

What? Who? Please check your spelling and don’t invent abbreviations. The distro is called Manjaro and there is no abbreviation.

Please see:

Package mint-themes provides ‘mint-x’ and ‘mint-z’ … whereas the AUR Package mint-themes-legacy provides ‘mint-y-legacy’.

@yochanan and cscs: At first thank you for answers. This makes clear, it was not a mistake i made. I will try to install “mint-themes” or “mint-y-legacy” package.
Sorry for my abbreviations and yes i already read both “How-To’s”, it was really not my intention to be the bull in a china shop. It’s not my first forum, but each one has it’s own rules. I promise to improve my postings.

But to come back to the problem, would it be possible to simply copy the theme as root from the live version to my installed manjaro-system?!

Problem solved.
I copied the folder from the live medium.
Thanks a lot.

That’s not how it works. One should never manually copy files into the system. It’s read-only for a reason. The next time you update, the newer package will be installed again.

Since the mint-themes-legacy package exists, that would be the best bet. Rarely does one ever need to downgrade packages on a rolling release distro. If so, it should only be temporarily until an issue is fixed.

Again thanks Yochanan,
Consent, your are right - no good and “lasting” idea to copy just the folder.
But i will try the AUR package “mint-themes-legacy” today - i don´t want to make my well running Manjaro unnecessarily weak.

I was hoping a post already existed for this topic, as the issue with Manjaro Cinnamon’s defaults remains the same. The issue is that Cinnamon now uses the Controls theme selection to control color & dark/light of titlebar. Changing Window Border theme to ‘Mint-Y’ resolves the issue, shows in accordance with ‘Mint-Y-Dark-Teal’ theme selected in Controls.

So the default selection in ISO should just be changed to ‘Mint-Y’, and the window theming will be right OOTB. It is an immediately noticeable change.

I can reproduce that. I’m not sure why it’s happening as Mint-Y-Dark-Teal is still included. We’ll see what we can do.

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If you install the regular Mint-Y theme from the repo, you’ll see that it does not have color options for the Window Border. It’s just “Mint-Y”.

You used to set “Mint-Y-COLOR” for Controls and “Mint-Y-COLOR” for Window Borders. Now, it’s “Mint-Y-COLOR” for Controls, and pure “Mint-Y” for Window Borders.

I am a huge fan of this DE on Manjaro, and have some other theming/defaults notes. If you could let me know the best place to propose those, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

I can also reproduce the issue on Linux Mint, so apparently it’s an upstream issue.

It is not an upstream issue at all. It’s an issue with Manjaro’s Cinnamon theming being out of date.

You can reproduce it on Mint by using an out-of-date theme, but it is not the default behavior. To fix the original issue from this post, all you have to do is make default Window Borders “Mint-Y”. Problem solved.

But the Adapta themes need further modification as they have problems with Cinnamon’s calendar & menu as well.

What exactly are you calling “Manjaro’s Cinnamon theming”? Minty-Y-Dark-Teal is an upstream theme that we do not touch. What I could reproduce on Mint was the Minty-Y-Dark-Teal Window border style missing.

The upstream Adapta theme is no longer maintained. We only changed the colors. If it’s that broken it will probably be dropped from the repos.

Cinnamon themes no longer use variations for the window borders. If you download other Cinnamon-specific themes, you will see that they do not include colors or dark/light in their Window Borders. That is now dictated by Controls.

In Manjaro Cinnamon, the default Window Border is Mint-Y-Dark-Teal, and lacks a thumbnail. That’s because Dark-Teal Window Borders are no longer a thing upstream, being controlled by Controls.

Try choosing Mint-Y-Dark-Teal as Controls, and plain Mint-Y as Window Borders. You will see that it automatically applies Dark-Teal properties. You can change between colors & Light/Dark and never touch Window Borders, as long as you’re using Mint-Y.

So the theme is still there, but the default Window Borders settings in Manjaro point to a deprecated element of the theme. It’s somewhere in the Cinnamon release notes, maybe from Mint 20.3.

Fixed with manjaro-cinnamon-settings 20220417-1:

You are the man! I love this distro/DE combination, and these changes will give a more polished look OOTB. Thank you for taking the time to communicate on the issue. It’s not exactly a self-explanatory way of setting themes, and I appreciate your patience as I tried to explain it.