Chrome multiple profiles task manager icons

Hi everyone,
I’m using Manjaro 21.1.6 with KDE Plasma 5.22.5, running Google Chrome version 95.0.4638.54

Is there a way to display Chrome profile icons in the Task Manager for each separate profile?
I’ve googled and found only one solution that’s not working, as well as searched for an appropriate option in the Chrome Settings menu and did not find anything.
The reason why I’m asking is because I use around 5 different Google accounts at the same time for work and it’s not exactly known which profile window I’ve opened until I look in the top right corner. And I’d like to see the profile icon right away in task manager, not in the Chrome while clicking each window randomly to find the right one.
In the taskbar only generic Google Chrome icon is displayed.

Is it the display manager settings or the Google Chrome Linux limitation? Or the Chrome settings?

Huh, nobody?

Create separate desktop files might work.

Not possible. It has something to do with how Chromium/Chrome identifies its windows/class. (Unlike Firefox, Chrome/Chromium ignores StartupWMClass). The --class flag is also ignored in modern versions, so while it won’t produce an error, it is no longer honored.

I tried every approach you can imagine, and it never succeeds.

I even tried this guide in the past, but no such luck. Perhaps you will find success with it? (The author of that guide even admits it doesn’t actually work for Chrome; it only works for Firefox.)

If all instances of Chrome are closed, the next profile you run will become the dominant icon in the Task Bar. All subsequent instances, even for different profiles, will merge with the first icon.

EDIT: If anyone can figure this out and demonstrate that it works, I will be beyond delighted!

EDIT 2: I’m referring to Linux (and more specifically KDE). I know this works under Windows 10 (and I currently do what @zauberschloss desires for KDE, except on Windows 10 instead.)

Appreciate your answer. That’s sad it can’t work on Linux without going into some low-level debugging stuff.
(I’m a programmer)

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