Changing Permissions For Read-only File System (Internal Files, Not External Drive)

I’ve seen this issue on the forum pertaining to external devices like media players and external drives, but not for the on-board file system. I installed PhotoGimp through Snap on Manjaro KDE Plasma, and I’m trying to customize the splash screen. The splash screen .png file is located in /var/lib/snapd/snap/141/config/splashes/. I can’t overwrite it using Gimp, terminal, Dolphin, or even the admin privileges in Nautilus. I’ve tried changing permissions and ownership, and each time it puts out an error like “chmod: changing permissions /var/blah/blah/blah/ Read-only file system” no matter whether I’m using sudo, su, or root in terminal, it wont make the change. I’m able to change permissions for every single folder in the path except for the /141/ folder, which seems to be the culprit. There seems to be no conceivable way to change permissions or take ownership of this folder. There is a lock bubble inside the folder icon. I’ve extensively searched the web for answers but everything I find talks about mounting external drives, which wouldn’t apply here because this is on my internal file system.

I understand the dangers of messing with the file system as root or admin, and I’m not changing any config files or anything, I simply want to overwrite the .png for the splash screen to one of my own creation which should not break anything. Given that Linux, Arch, and Manjaro all hail themselves as having complete freedom of customization, I’m surprised to find that I can’t do something that could otherwise be easily done on a Windows system like changing the permissions of a certain folder on the file system.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, in advance!

I read that some snap apps just works into / home.

when you first clone the resources they go to home but once you make them a package and install them they go into /var/…The splash screen I’m trying to replace is fed from the path that I posted above, there are no files in the /home/snap subfolders after the app is installed.

You are emulating a filesystem mounted by snapd as read-only.
Its how snap works… and you are choosing to use snap.
Dont blame linux.

Use any other install method - such as from the Repos, the AUR, your own PKGBUILD, or compiling manually from source … or just about anything else … and you would be able to do what you are trying to. Just not in SNAPS, not the way you are doing it.

Thank you for the advice. To clarify, I’m not blaming anything. Merely asking for help and expressing surprise at finding a wall in an otherwise very open ecosystem. I didn’t realize that Snap itself was the issue. I’m not choosing to use Snap, specifically, I am a noob and was only aware of Snap as the repo for PhotoGimp. Now that I know, I’ll try and find PhotoGimp from a different source to see if it circumvents the issue, altogether. Will update later tonight when I get home and try.

Ah. Fair enough.
For a bit more info heres some explanation from one of the first few hits in DDG:

PhotoGimp only exists as a Snap package or a direct download. The direct download doesn’t work correctly, not even with the flatpak version of Gimp, so I’m stuck with snap. In the end, I’m going to have to use Gimp without PhotoGimp if I want a custom splash screen. With standard Gimp, a simple su - then sudo chmod 777 GIMPFOLDERPATH did the trick for making the gimp-splash.png writable.

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