Changing my shell to bash seems to fail

I use GNOME terminal and zsh wont change to bash.

I too get the „Shell not changed“ and do not find preferences in gnome terminal to set for bash.

In zsh basic stuff i am used to does not work, like POS1 and END key or most of the autocompletions.

So I strongly disagree that it is better like mentioned in this thread earlier. And there is syntax highlight for bash too at least it is in ubuntu gnome terminal.

EDIT: After restart it worked.

Standard command

chsh -s /usr/bin/bash

You need to logout and back in as it is a fundamental change to your user settings


It affects tty environment also (not inside of a terminal emulator only).
That’s what I as non-OP want.

To check your current shell path the

echo $0

could be used.

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