Apparently unable to change shell to bash

Right so Manjaro has horribly decided to change the default shell to ZSH which I hate, stop trying to turn the shell into a IDE… VSCode junkies love ZSH but it’s not for me.

chsh fails to select bash, the move to ZSH is just an opinionated move at least make sure you have a correct /etc/shells deployed so people can go back to a normal working shell without all the crappy colours.

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Annoying, Manjaro is STILL refusing to change my shell to bash ---- at this rate I’ll be moving to pure arch what nonsense is this.

chsh -s /bin/bash

As mentioned that DOES Not work! I get ‘shell not changed’ and even when I add /usr/bin/bash to /etc/shells I don’t get that message it doesn’t persist.

➜ ~ chsh -s /bin/bash 
Changing shell for akya.
Shell changed.

Just use /bin/bash - it works

Doesn’t work ‘Shell not changed’

Please let us know what is wrong with it:

# Pathnames of valid login shells.
# See shells(5) for details.


Is provided by a core package called filesystem.

Then you have other problems

remove the line you added /usr/bin/bash from /etc/shells

I’m a idiot - you know what it is … konsole sets it’s own shell rather than respecting the users… duh!

First time on KDE since 2.x days.

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Now that is a long time ago - mid 90’ies …

Could this be due to a KDE cache issue?

If I am not sorely mistaken - you need to logout the session for shell change to take effect


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