Change screen resolution without monitor connected using remote desktop

I am using a Server without a monitor conected. The problem is that when logging in with remote desktop (teamviewer or Anydesk) the screen resolution is 640x480 and the entire screen is not visible.
By connecting a monitor with the xrandr command it is possible to change the screen resolution.
Without monitor xrandr only works for 640x480.
I tried to add another resolution with xrangdr – addmode but it doesn’t work either.
I wanted to know if it is possible to change the screen resolution without having a monitor connected?
I would appreciate if anyone can help me.

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This is purely a guess: I think the resolution would likely be controlled from the remote client app, if supported by the client and the Xrdp server.

If TeamViewer or AnyDesk doesn’t provide the capability, perhaps seek another client that does; sadly, I have none to recommend.

A Manjaro based server?